Having friends on Facebook?

Now that you have learned the three basic steps on Internet Safety, let’s start with the most popular social networking website, Facebook.

What is Facebook?

  1. Developed in 2004 by then Harvard University studentMark Zuckerberg, Facebook is a social networking site used by more than 800 million active users in every country on the planet, so far in 70 languages.
  2. The site’s minimum age is 13, but teens represent only a minority population on Facebook.
  3. It’s used by a lot of adults, certainly including parents. But not just individuals – Facebook’s also used by businesses, organizations and governments all over the world, to send marketing messages, seek charitable funding and communicate with customers and constituents.

You may already have a lot of friends on Facebook – But do you know all of them?


When you confirm someone as your Facebook friend, you invite them into your life.

Confirm only people you know.